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Time Attendance System Dubai

Time Attendance System Dubai –¬†Fair labor standards establish minimum wage, overtime pay eligibility and record keeping for full time and part time employees. It forms to be the key area for any company in order to comply with the law and avoid getting penalized.


Time and Attendance System proves to be one of the necessary systems to be accommodated that adheres with time and pay related rules. To a very large extent it is easier, quicker and relatively much more faithful than maintaining it over spreadsheets. Being robust and flexible at dynamic projects or situations help businesses to remain stress-free and grow.


The system ensures tracking of employee hours is systematically accurate and the clunky spreadsheets are moved out of the department. The system ensures leave management requirements and provide real-time reporting analytics. The robustness of the system forms its ability to scale the business and its growth.


Time and Attendance Management involves data visibility in real time and on the spot reporting which involves managing day to day strategic decision making activities. An independent standalone system is capable enough to store simple as well as complicated shift patterns throughout the organization.


Time and Attendance solution intuitive audit trails gives a history of employee hours and project costs which ultimately leads to optimized workforce. It starts with employee time tracking to business intelligence, workforce planning, forecasting, budgeting, job costing and ultimately linking it to payroll for integrations.


Wolke provides time and attendance solutions and is at a forefront in offering customers a robust employee monitoring and time tracking. From selection of time attendance machines to implementation of software, Wolke maps the entire process and shapes it in an informative way.

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