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Payroll System – The Ease to HR & Finance Employees

Payroll System – The Ease to HR & Finance Employees

Payroll System – The Ease to HR & Finance Employees

A Payroll System has always proved as an ease to HR & Finance employees. A payroll system is a systematic software organizing employee month end payments and computations associated to it. Unlike some countries, UAE specifically areas like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have minimized or scratched out the use of manual excel sheets. There are several reasons to it like legitimate calculations for all salary components (both WPS and Non-WPS), maintaining employee profiles and audit purpose.

Thus ultimately, it creates a huge burden to the company during end of the month. A missed deadline or incorrect calculation can lead to serious penalty to the company by the UAE Government. Moreover, the company invests a large amount of time and money on employees which can focus on strategic decision making to manage the process each month.

There are certain benefits associated with a payroll system in UAE which can be beneficial to both employer and employee like:

Cost Efficiency

If a company calculates the time, money and efforts the employee take on every month to prepare they would realize the difference of having a payroll system in place.


Many regions like Oman, Iran, Israel, Jordon etc. have taxation policies which involves huge time by the HR and Finance employees to compute. A payroll system in place computes each aspect automatically.


The amount of security on handling the payroll manually through excel sheets have limited or no security. A payroll system configures its behavior as per employee position and authority.


There is no expertise required by the HR or Finance employees to handle the payroll system. The payroll system requires a limited operational concept so that the company can focus on other key areas.


Most importantly, a payroll system saves a lot of time for everyone. A company managing payroll manually performs the payroll 10 days prior to payroll date where as a payroll system within minutes.

Most of the engineering, construction and hospitality companies in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are looking for time & attendance system integrated with payroll systems so as to automatically calculate the overtime and other components. A payroll software in place makes IT, HR and Finance activities hassle-free and let them focus on the key strategic areas for the company.

Wolke provides Time & Attendance integrated to payroll to number of clients directly and through its varied company expertise. It is a company based in Dubai Internet City UAE expanded across Qatar & Bahrain for robust, flexible and scalable software solutions. Primarily, we will need an understanding of your company processes, gather requirements and eventually implement a standardized, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/CRM solution. Also, experience a world class HCM Suite (Human Resource Software Solution) with modules like Core HR, Payroll, Time – Attendance, Employee Self Service, Performance Appraisal and Outsourced Payroll service.


Wolke as a company has customer focused solutions and specializes in Microsoft products and software.

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