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HR & Payroll Technology Trends

HR is one of the vital wings of an organization. Monitoring and keeping a track of all employees, managing organizational resources and working in close collaboration with the administration makes HR a crucial department of any business. Companies just can’t do without their HR team. Of late, technological advancements and progresses in various business sectors have brought significant developments even in the HR department.


Here are 6 tech trends predictions which are more likely to continue in future


  • Cloud Dominance – Working in Open Space

The emergence of cloud technology has influenced the ways of business execution. Today, most companies are moving towards cloud-based apps and are enjoying the cost-efficiency, convenience and flexibility of cloud solutions. From managing payrolls to tracking employee attendance and leaves, the entire HR sector is driven by cloud applications. Incorporating cloud has also enabled an organization especially its HR to think differently about employee work hours. Nowadays, working professionals prefer flexibility, ease and convenience, when it comes to work.


  • Payroll Access from Smart Devices- Creating New Trends

HR is all set to create new trends and upgrade their regular course of work. Payroll software access from smart hand-held devices is one of such trends which help the HR team and each organizational employee to keep real-time track on payrolls. It’s a centralized system that binds every organization members in a common forum and enables the staff to gain remote payroll access through individual emails. Such applications ensure fair, transparent and equal payroll calculations for all employees across the company.


  • Employees Engagement & Performance Counselling- Optimizing Productivity

With the growing need for tracking employee performance and optimizing productivity, the HR team of every organization has started adopting ways for measuring employee progress, over a specific period of time. HR team, with the help of new-age software and applications, now tracks employee performance at real-time and helps the team leaders with useful insights about their team workers. HR professionals also counsel and train the employees, from time to time. With this, they ensure maximum productivity and constant engagement among the organizational staff.

  • Data Ownership & Security- Embracing Data-driven Decisions

Data-driven solutions pave way for making strategic decisions of an organization. While automating the routine activities, HR also emphasizes on capturing relevant employee data to know their key areas of interests, specializations and expertise. Also, with more online/cloud data, data security becomes another concern for the HR department. In various organizations, data security is still a barrier that prevents employees from accessing online data from remote devices.


  • Integrated HR Operations- Focusing Team, Not Individuals-

Regardless the size and nature of a business, the HR departments now believe in integration. From payroll access to employee engagement, they are gradually being more accustomed to using integrated solutions. With such integrations, HR has re-defined its roles and now directly helps the management team with its tech-based operations. Through its integrated operations, it maintains connectivity among the teams and highlights the progress of employees, more as teams than as an individual.


  • Customized Software Finding the Right Fit

HR functions and objectives are largely dependent and influenced by the strategic mission and objectives of a company. HR considers custom payroll software that will work best for fulfilling their responsibilities. Customized applications also allow HR to effortlessly manage payrolls of different kinds of employees. Thus, they find the right fit to their professional requirements and use the custom applications with maximum efficiency.


In short, HR is continuously growing, evolving and innovative. By adopting the above trends, HR personnel are matching pace with similar progresses and improvements taking place in other departments of an organization. With such advancements, HR aims to efficiently manage its people, achieve the strategic goals of an organization, and take the company to its zenith.


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