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Custom Software Development


We concentrate on quality software development laying the emphasis on meeting the unique business needs of our customers. We create efficient solutions high quality software development and constantly seeking to exceed customers expectations.


Our goal is to be a partner in your business endeavors and to make a difference by providing the best possible IT solution. Our strength lies in our ability to solve complicated business problems within a limited timescale, complying with the highest quality standards and lowest cost for our clients. We strive for long-term co-operation with our clients.


Wolke Business Applications FZ LLC will help you be one step ahead of your competition by continuously improving your processes. We help you redefine the business paradigm. Give us an opportunity to meet with you and you would see the difference. Be it a customized software solution, web enable, IT security, network solution or integration – our skills bring value.


An off the shelf package – if one suitable to the business can be found – will usually only meet a percentage of your business requirements. For most business users inevitably an unnecessary compromise will have to be found usually changing business procedures to meet the requirements of the package – at times detrimental to your business needs. This is not how software should be used!!


A bespoke system based on Wolke rigorous analysis techniques will result in a leaner, faster system without compromising your business procedures. It will do exactly what you the business user wants it to do. It will be tailored to work with all your systems, new and legacy and every module of it will perform a function it was specifically designed for. There will be no compromise on functionality.