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Human Resources


Wolke HRManager is the intersection of all HR related activities, seamlessly integrating Human Resource Management, Payroll and Time Management Systems.


By providing a straightforward, consistent approach to managing your complex HR decision-making process through analytical planning and providing budgeting projections, Wolke HRManagerT saves time, lowers administration costs and gives you tight control over these important processes, providing a sound return on investments.


Advanced Features


•  Integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise One and PeopleSoft World
•  Integrated activity based Reminder System (Optional)
•  Query Builder to generate user defined adhoc reports
•  Letter Wizard to generate letters/memos using predefined templates (Optional)
•  Generic Formula Builder to support user defined computation of Earnings & Deductions in Payroll




•  Incorporates Menu-Level & Operational Level security
•  Incorporates Company, Location, Department & Employee level data access security
•  Access rights can be defined at User Group level


Operational level security – for specific transaction, reports, process etc

EMP Manager


is a contemporary HR module designed for the contemporary HR Manager. Besides providing on-line employee information, it includes excellent recruitment, training, appraisal, and manpower projection functions that optimize the human resource function.


Areas Covered


•  Employee History
•  Recruitment Process
•  Training Budgeting
•  Training Evaluation
•  Performance Appraisal
•  Letter Generation Wizard
•  Query Builder Wizard




•  Maintains complete database of employees including personal data
•  Maintains complete database of organization (companies, locations, divisions, departments, etc.)
•  Maintains applicant data bank
•  Maintains manpower requisition details

Purchase Options :


Wolke offers HR, PAYROLL, ESS solution & services as follows :
•  Software as a Service (Hosted)
•  Payroll Processing Service
•  HR & Payroll software license ( Client site / Hosted )