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Payroll Management


Processing payroll seems systematic hassle-free

Packed with functionalities that enables the organization with salaries, increments, deductions, bonuses, increments and other remunerative areas. The system also syncs overtime tracking, absenteeism, arrears etc.

  • Gross & Net Pay Computation

Enables to integrate payroll additions and deductions along with eligibility rules of the employee and complying with the organization’s policies.

  • Retroactive Pay & Increments

Enables an efficient, systematic way to create rules for situations which may happen for a number of reasons such as incorrect salary compensation or wages for hours worked or pay increase.

  • Financial Integrations

Involve information sharing among financial institutions and sharing best of practices among financial institutions.

  • Country Specific Compliance

Manages data and its reporting as per GCC compliance in order to maintain a standardized format across along with WPS system. Thus the system is scalable, for Middle East multiple countries in multiple currencies.