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Time Attendance Systems


Do you face the following situations and are your business processes manual and cumbersome due to the lack of time attendance systems or the lack of time attendance systems being seamlessly integrated with your Payroll and HR Software?


  • Is your Overtime controlled or not? Are you in a position to dynamically report Overtime payments as and when needed or is such reporting a cumbersome reporting exercise? In short how do you control Overtime costs?


  • Is your Time Attendance manually done and hence impacting timely payroll payments? Is it a real struggle to compile your payroll at the month end?


  • Is your Time Attendance manually done and hence impacting on the correctness of payroll payments? Have wrong payments been made under your watch?


  • Is your company growing and are your payroll systems growing more complex? How are you controlling multi-site attendance?


  • Are you getting correct Job Costs linked to Jobs and Tasks in Projects and is your Job Costing right?


  • Is payroll compilation a nightmare each month?


  • Is it difficult to compile HR and Payroll Reports?


  • Have you made excess payments or faced “Less Paid” situations in payroll?


  • What about Absence and Leave day calculations? Have they gone wrong?


  • Have you made wrong calculations of Leave Salary or Gratuity due to lack of records?


  • Do you maintain Time Attendance on manual records and on Multiple Excel Sheets?


If the answer to any of the above questions are YES then you are facing a bleak situation bordering on real trouble. We at Wolke have exactly what you need! A scalable, flexible and robust Time Attendance and Payroll Software Solution!


Did you know that the above questions were “Real” Payroll concerns! Many of our clients had most of these and hence no one understands them better than we do. We hear of countless solutions but these solutions are really not. Most of these vendor solutions are not developed by HR or Finance teams and hence are a risk you cannot afford.


Wolke’s Time Attendance are integrated to Payroll Software, HR and EPR Systems and are developed by highly experienced HR and Finance teams. These are real solutions and we suggest you give us a call or send us an email. Judge for yourselves !


Our solutions track employee productivity, simplify absence management, streamline employee attendance and synchronize seamlessly with any HR Software or ERP System