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Workforce Planning


Align the priorities and people with the objectives

Employees have always been essential to the organization because they create a competitive advantage with others through creativity keeping the organization alive. With providing best of skills and knowledge, hiring better employees create a long term revenue growth from the employees. Thus, Wolke HRMS helps organization reach the best talent from the data extracted during hiring process.

Making a better talent pool, Wolke HRMS strive towards efficiency and cutting cost.


Key Benefits

  • Budgeting

Head count budgeting which is one of the most important component for financial success has been embedded in the system that sets guidelines for the HR.

  • Recruitment 24*7

Candidate information is extracted and is fixed up with requisition through web browser automatically.

  • Automated matching

The system automatically links all internal and external positions open positions through unique recruiting system and shortlists the top talents.

  • Multi-tiered screening

The system enables faster screening of candidates with their certifications, experience abilities and qualifications.

  • Offer Management

The system quickly tracks the information and finds out tools for initiating interviews and making offers.